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Detraform is a boutique design consultancy and product development firm based in Montreal & Mexico City.


Detraform is the creation of Canadian producer and mastermind Joel Blair.

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Alpha Project

Conceived in Montreal at Detraform HQ, the L7 telephone is a passion project originally previewed summer 2011 as the Detraform model 500 telephone. With a stunning design by London-based design studio Kiwi & Pom, the concept earned the attention of a century old Swiss heritage brand. Swissvoice's product archives include several rare, sought after designs like the 1976 Trub phone in solid rosewood, in addition to today's successful ePure phones. Swissvoice's vision for the L7 included the addition of a stand alone speakerphone and intercom base station, completing a thoroughly unique product suite for the still robust land line telephone market.

[The L7 was sold throughout Europe and Asia beginning in 2013. US and Canadian residents could purchase the L7 from a limited run, starting summer 2015.]

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