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at Aldea Zamá, Tulum.

We turn your new investment property in Aldea Zamá into a gorgeous vacation rental ready to list online.

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Tulum, Mexico

Once a small fishing village, Tulum has recently become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Home to miles of pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, and the world’s largest underground river system, people come from far and wide to experience the Riviera Maya's trendy, ecological attractions. Between the town of Tulum and the hotel zone along the beach lays the ambitious Aldea Zamá development.



We service Aldea Zamá's international property owners who either don't have the time, inclination, or design prowess to create a competitive vacation rental.

Our units are defined by a simple, modern style with a local, Tulum-leaning vibe. With five years experience as an Airbnb Super Host, Detraform's Joel Blair knows what international guests are looking for, and what elements produce five star reviews. Detraform creates spaces that are luxurious, cozy, and durable, and that will sing in your listing photos.



We start with an initial upfront payment and a launch meeting where we define your budget, timeline, tastes and settle on a design personality for your space. You can stay at home doing what you do, while Detraform takes care of the research, orders, custom furnishings and final set up on location in Tulum.



Our units include:

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Luxury mattresses paired with feather pillows, feather duvets, and fine linens from our distributor in Mexico City.

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Custom, made-to-order furniture pieces from our local partner carpinteria in Tulum. Our designs use solid, jungle hardwood that is durable and performs well in Tulum's tropic humidity.

03 chair.png

Factory made statement sofa with plush, deep seats and durable, designer dining chairs, delivered from Playa del Carmen.

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Cozy and considered, custom-made lighting features by Detraform using local artisanal products.

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Fully stocked kitchen with products focussed on durability while highlighting Mexican design.

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Tropical plants and custom planters.

07 art 04.png

Wall art produced by local Tulum painters and of course mandatory macramé from area artisans.

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Bonus features for larger budgets can include soft palm leaf baskets from the Sierra Tarahumara, fine textiles from Oaxaca, vintage design items from Mexico City, Tushy bidets from the US, a reverse osmosis water filter for drinkable tap water and more.



Two Bedroom / two bath / balcony

Flat Rate Design Fee starting at:
$6000 USD

Flexible Furnishing Budget of approximately:
$15,000 USD


Design Alternatives

Do It Yourself.

We met a couple from Virginia who spent two months and $17,000 USD furnishing their condo. They bought round trip flights, took time off work, rented a car, and spent two months in Tulum driving back and forth to Playa del Carmen bringing their total spend to over $20,000. For $6000 Detraform will spend your money for you and design a competitive space ready to list.

GMB's furniture package.

GMB is Aldea Zamá's largest developer. They offer a popular, but poorly conceived, furniture package for $15,000 USD. You'll still need to purchase all your linens, kitchen products, window coverings, electronics, lamps, textiles, wall art etc. Because your furniture will match your neighbours you'll be missing a competitive design advantage you'll need for consistent bookings.

Playa del Carmen Interior Designers.

In Playa del Carman you can find several interior designers. You can expect a design fee of $5,000 to $10,000 USD (+ furnishings) and, in our humble opinion, a style out of touch with current design trends. Detraform can complete a project with a lower overall budget because we custom make most furniture pieces with better durability, style and price than factory made, veneer clad pieces.



+ Why do I need a designer?

There's a lot of inventory coming onto the vacation rental market as more and more developments are completed in Aldea Zamá. To get a good return on investment you need a space that attracts international, design-conscious travellers. You can do it yourself but keep in mind doing business in Tulum can be complicated and frustrating until you learn the ropes. When you commission Detraform we'll make the process smooth and fun, while delivering your finished space on schedule.

+ What is your timeline to complete a project?

Our timeline depends on the season. Currently our partner carpinteria needs eight weeks to complete our custom furniture orders. Add another two to three weeks for Detraform to set up and finish your space.

+ Why do you charge a flat fee?

Many interior designer's fee is based on a percentage of your total furnishing cost. We believe this fee structure creates a conflict of interest where your designer is incentived to push you towards the most expensive pieces and has no motivation to find cost effective design solutions.

Detraform charges a flat fee for each project so you know exactly what your design cost is before we begin.

+ How "flexible" is the furnishings budget?

Aldea Zamá is the most expensive development area in Tulum. Great design will guarantee that you can rent your unit at the highest price while adding value to your investment. Your big ticket items are quality mattresses, the sofa, and window treatments. Beyond those items, there's lots of opportunity to find creative solutions for a tight budget.

Once we get started, your furnishings and accessories are charged at cost (with no commissions or kickbacks creating extra income for Detraform).

We're transparent with prices throughout the project. You can expect several budget approvals along the way so you'll never get surprised by costs.

+ Where is Detraform based?

Detraform's Joel Blair lives between Montreal and Mexico City with trips to Tulum to complete interior projects as needed.

+ I need a property manager.

You sure do. We work closely with our boutique property management partner Tulum Traveler. They are Airbnb Super Hosts that treat their client condos like their own home. Tulum Traveler can take care of all the legal work, utilities set up and local complications before the design phase, then manage photography, listing and ongoing Airbnb hosting afterwards. Their current rentals outperform competing Aldea Zamá rentals and they do business with transparency and integrity.


Do you need help with a project?

I would love to chat, share mood boards and talk design.
Email Joel Blair at

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