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Case Study: Mindset


Mindset tracks your focus throughout the day, and alerts you whenever your concentration drops. Over time, these alerts train your mind and rewire your brain to better tune out distractions.


Detraform worked closely with the company founders to design and perfect their Kickstarter page, a campaign that raised over one million dollars. After the campaign Detraform further developed the emerging brand with a new brand identity including logo, animations, sound design, stationery, and a simple website.


Our work establishes a firm foundation which Mindset can continue to build on as they approach their retail product launch.



Here's some select artwork – read the whole story below.

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The Whole Story



We were approached by Montreal startup Mindset as they approached their Kickstarter launch to bring some design thinking and creative direction to their emerging brand. We had a great time collaborating with a client that has really has their act together.


Based in Montreal, Mindset tracks your focus throughout the day, and alerts you whenever your concentration drops. Over time, these alerts train your mind and rewire your brain to better tune out distractions.


• Understanding
• Campaign design
• Visual Identity
• Website



Crowdfunding Campaign

First we explored the most successful hardware Kickstarter campaigns. We went deep into the limitations of Kickstarter's editing tools and created a system for generating titles, graphics and GIFs with the best output quality allowed.

Our page has been called "the best looking campaign page on the platform" and helped raise over $1M from over 5000 backers (across Kickstarter & Indiegogo).

kickstarter imac mockup.png


Market Research and Brand Strategy

After the a successful campaign Mindset took the time to carefully consider what kind of a company, culture and brand they are building. Our friends at The Tap in Team spent four weeks researching the market, interviewing the team and generated a Brand Brief that defines who Mindset is, what they believe in and how to speak to their customers. A firm foundation for a brand starts with terrific brand strategy. 






Using the Brand Brief as our guiding light, we developed a logo we felt had the right personality for the brand. Mindset's new logo is inspired by our favourite mid-century logotypes while adding some fresh, updated elements. The fluid and playful form speaks to the Mindset team's youth and energy. Mostly it just looks cool.  

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Visual Identity and guildines

We chose some fresh, classy colours to set Mindset apart from the sea of blues in the tech world. Here's some pages form the brand guide.

ID preview pages.png


Package and accessors concepts

We generated a concept package design and mocked up some potential swag. 

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package behance.png
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mindset folded t-shirt mockup.png

Animation and sound design

Our favourite element is often animating motion graphics and composing custom sound designs to bring a logo to life. As a start up, it will take some time for Mindset to create big budget video elements, but bookending any videos with a slick video bumper is an easy and effective way dress up videos and create the appearance of a larger company.

Our full length video bumper tells a story of distracted, unfocussed thoughts coming together into a focussed work flow and balanced state of mind. The tone is inspired by old Viacom, PBS and IBM bumpers. Our intention was to create an element that's both serious and fun. We call the sound-design genre Scientific Positivism.





Simple Website

Using the content we already had, Detraform turned around a simple Squarespace website in five days. This iteration of Mindset's online home should last until their retail product launch.

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