Anatomy of a photo shoot | part 01

We're hoping to shoot the L7 at more dramatic locations in the future, but with a small budget to launch with we shot right here at Detraform HQ. Here's some of the props and references included in this image.

[art direction by Joel Blair / photography by Will Lew]

L7 shoot anatomy.jpg

06 Stripey shirt - another reference to The Prisoner
07 Souvenir pencil from the Guggenheim Museum, NYC
08 Montreal logo by Georges Huel
09 Vintage microphone (from my grandfather)
10 "alpha micro" personal computer


01 Milk - a reference to The Prisoner
02 Watch from Montreal micro brand Neuvo
03 Vial of poison
04 Pocket Pencil by Alex Hulme
05 CCCP photo book by Frédéric Chaubin




Joel Blair