umm, nice wallpaper guys

Here's a link to a Hong Kong website featuring the L7. I love seeing this stuff, although I question the choice of backdrop. 

Is that a brick phone in the foreground? Awesome. 

L7除咗有激似大哥大嘅外形外,仲有座機喇叭,入面有埋收音功能,不論女仔煮餸、修甲定男孩子打機,都可以用座機嘅 speaker phone功能,唔使拎住電話,講得方便.

Google translation:
In addition to a shock like L7 Mobile Zo generous shape, the Zhongyou landline speakers, buried into the surface with radio function, regardless Girl cook Dishes, manicure set boy playing computer, you can use a landline generous speaker phone function, needless Linzhu phone, put it convenient.



Joel Blair